K&J – Republican Congressional Candidate Elise Stefanik

The K&J show, is named after WNBZ’s previous Owners Jim and Keela Rogers who used to produce the program every Tuesday and Thursday mornings..  It was called the K&J show and Keela and Jim would interview members of the community in the primary studio of WNBZ. Back then, the person being interviewed would be seated in a different studio looking through the window separating the two rooms.. These days, technology allows us to speak with anyone just about anywhere…  Jim and Keela did that for years, it continued following the sale of the station in 1998 and about two years ago we extended the program to the daily version you hear today on WNBZ…  needless to say today on the K&J Show we’re speaking with Republican candidate Elise Stefanik.. Elise is running for congress in the 21st district. The Republican Primary is June 24th.

K&J – 052114 – Republican Congressional Candidate Elise Stefanik Visits the North Country

 The first part of our conversation took place just outside of The Trudeau Institute in Saranac Lake where she had just finished taking a tour of the facility.. Elise also visited with a few members of the Town of Harrietstown Board and fielded questions there earlier in the afternoon. One of which was the question of facing down an increasing budget deficit..  “That is something that I talk a lot about on the Campaign Trail,” Stefanik said, “It’s one of the reasons I’m running for Congress. I think we need a new generational approach to solving our debt and deficit crisis in this country. As a member of a new generation, I’m going to have to solve the problems along with my generation along with footing the bill for the mistakes and the continuing decision to kick the can down the road.”

Stefanik told a group in the Town of Harrietstown offices that one of her ideas is to raise the retirement age incrementally. “Not for those close to retirement but for people like me who have a longer life expectancy. That will go a long way to assuring that we have a fiscal balance”

Stefanik is one of the younger candidates and during her conversation with voters in the Harrietstown Town Board Room, she told the audience she thinks her age is an asset in the race..  “I think we need a new generation of leadership.”

Harrietstown Supervisor Bob Bevilacqua is seated to the right of Stefanik during the conversation and Councilman Ron Keough is seated to her left as she takes questions from the audience..  Following a question and answer period, bevilacqua invited us to look at the retaining wall which he says really shows us the burocracy which is costing taxpayers in the end..  “If we hadn’t had to get all of those permits, we could already have completed this repair and it must have cost the government more than the cost of the wall to review and discuss the permit requests.” Bevilacqua says no one had actually come to the wall to look at the problem first hand. “And once they did finally come look, it took ten days for them to issue the approval for the repair.

During her tour of the community, Stefanik visited with members of the AdultCenter and spoke with veterans at Homeward Bound in Saranac Lake.. and following her tour of Trudeau Institute, she met with members of the Womens Civic Chamber at the Downhill Grill.

Today she’ll spend most of her day in Clinton County meeting with party leaders and continue to vye for primary votes in the 21st Congressional district.. The Republican Primary is June 24th..

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