K&J – Touring The War of 1812 Museum (PART TWO)

In part two of our tour of the War of 1812 Museum we head into The Allan S. Everest Interpretive Center, a permanent exhibit located within the War of 1812 Museum on Washington Rd on the Museum Campus. The exhibits chronologically recount the events of the battles at Plattsburgh within the context of the War of 1812: the political and economical causes of the war; the land and naval engagements at Plattsburgh; and the significant role that the battles here played in the final peace negotiations.

K&J – 011314 – Battle of Plattsburgh Museum Tour – Dave Deno and Keith Herkalo PART TWO

The exhibits are “anchored” by a 5′x15′ diorama and an interactive scale model of the village and surrounding area as it was in 1814. The diorama provides the visitor with an aerial view of the 30,000-acre battlefield, the British and American encampments, the forts and batteries, and the culminating land and naval battles of September 11th, 1814.

There are scale models of the American ships that fought during the battle, a copy of the “secret” orders sent by Lord Bathurst to Sir George Prevost directing the British attack on Plattsburgh, and displays depicting the battle scenes, prominent leaders, soldiers, sailors, and citizens.

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