Plattsburgh Council Says “$30,000 is Too Much”

052314 - O'Connell THUMBPlattsburgh’s City Council sends City Engineer Kevin Farrington back to the drawing board, literally, to look for a lower cost alternative to designing and planning for mold abatement and new bathrooms on the city’s waterfront…   The proposal by AES Consulting to just create the plans for Mold removal and the construction of Bathrooms is $30,000.00. Considering an expenditure of $30,000 for planning to seek bids for $150,000 in repairs to bathrooms and mold  is what motivated the council to search for alternatives.. Councilor Becky Kasper says there has to be a better way than spending $30,000 Dollars with no alternative..  Especially when putting in bathrooms at the waterfront and removing the mold may only cost over $150,000 Dollars.. Mayor Jim Calnon added that the bathrooms are required in order to qualify for a waterfront revitalization grant that the City has received to purchase new docks for the City’s waterfront.  Councilor Mike Kelly says he thinks $30,000 seems like a lot of money for what they’re getting.. He asked Farrington if they could find a better price for the planning and drawings to be done.  Councilwoman Rachelle Armstrong inquired as to the time required to go get another opinion.. Farrington responded by saying it may not be possible to get another proposal by the next Council Meeting, but he thought it would be possible to have another proposal by the council meeting on June 19th

AUDIO – 052314 – City of Plattsburgh Holding Out for Less Expensive Waterfront Bathroom Planning

Councilor Paul O’Connell says the bathrooms are going to have a positive effect on the fishing tournaments and could in fact help the city retain it’s rating..  and he doesn’t want to delay any longer. He voted in favor of the proposal by AES Northeast. Councilor Kretzer agreed with O’Connell saying he wants this to be finished as soon as possible.. But he added, there has to be a better way to accomplish the goal.. Kretzer voted no, favoring having Farrington re-visit proposals for drawing up plans required for the bid process.

052314 - Armstrong Kelly Dowdle SLIDE

When the Mayor called the vote, Councilors Armstrong, Kelly, Dowdle, Kasper and Kretzer voted no, essentially through their votes, asking City Engineer Kevin Farrington to go back to AES and ask for a less expensive deal and to reach out to architects who might be able to prepare the necessary drawings so that the project can be put out for bid…

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