Smaller Parking Spaces Proposed

A public hearing is scheduled for comments on a few changes to the land use code in Saranac Lake… Community Development Director Jeremy Evans presented the Saranac Lake Village Board with a request to adjust the Land Use Code to make minor changes to Parking Space regulations. “Parking spaces would be reduced from 10 x 20 feet to 9 x 18″ Evans told the board “It’s a very standard size for parking spaces these days and in Saranac Lake its a recognition that cars a smaller and the village needs to use the space that they have judiciously and we don’t want to be wasting it on more blacktop and this is a simple way that we can accommodate this.” Neo-Classical Style will also be removed from the code as an acceptable style. “We’re just trying to clarify what applies to a project that would come before the planning board and Neo-Classical doesn’t really fit what we would want a commercial property be sensitive to.” Evans said. The Third Part of the Parking Amendments is related to giving the planning board the discretion based on the project to reduce the number of parking spaces required by up to fifty percent, which would reduce the number of variances that applicants would have to go to the zoning board for and would allow the planning board to make those exceptions on an as needed basis..

AUDIO – 052814 – Local Land Use Code Committee and Minor Changes to Parking

The third proposed change is a clarification of material changes which require projects to be reviewed by the planning board. Evans described this issue as a doughnut hole in the code which needed adjustment to assure smaller projects couldn’t sneak through without review.

Truistees Allie Pelletieri and Paul VanCott are both participating on the Code Committee and their intention is to have an informal public meeting on the full comprehensive land use code on June 17th and then to have a full public hearing on June 24th with the idea that the full recommendations of the committee will be transmitted to the village board around July 1st..  The Changes recommended by the Code Enforcement Office are separate and proposed in advance of those meetings and a public hearing on the three specific items is scheduled for just prior to the next village board meeting in two weeks.. 

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