BETA at Mt Pisgah for National Trails Day

On Saturday, June 7th The Barkeater Trails Alliance celebrates National Trails Day at Mount Pisgah.  How exactly does one celebrate National Trails Day you ask?  Well…it’s easy, you get out there and you build some trail!!  The Alliance says they’ve been making “Some really great progress with a flow trail over at Mt. Pisgah and they could use as many hands as possible to accomplish their goals for Mt Pisgah’s trails.”  The Group will follow their normal schedule of meeting in the parking area at 9:00 and working until 2:00 ish.  Tools will be provided.  Bring some food, and anything else you think might help you enjoy the day.  There’s some fun riding being developed at Pisgah so don’t be afraid to bring your bike too.  Anyone is welcome.  No experience necessary.  

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