Construction on South Catherine Begins Monday

Rachelle Armstrong - Plattsburgh City Council Ward 1a - THUMBConstruction is set to begin on South Catherine Street on Monday June 2nd, 2014.. The work according to Councilwoman Rachelle Armstrong is long overdue.. “I think the people in that neighborhood have been waiting for a long time and I think it’s encouraging to see progress going forward.” Armstrong said, “I’ve heard too many people talk about damage to their cars and I think it’s important that this work is done, just out of respect for the damage that’s been done already and hopefully we can be more proactive and make sure roadwork is competed sooner. In this case, it’s been on the capital projects list since 2007 I Believe.”  On South Catherine WARD I boundaries are a little bit crazy..  it starts at Underwood, and then Bushey Blvd on the East.. and then it wraps around Bushy and includes some of Momont and that part of the south end which includes South Catherine and the new base and some of the old base..

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WARD II Councilor Mike Kelly says it’s going to be an improvement to what exists now.. “I think the people of Ward II and Ward I will really appreciate the change.” Kelly said, “They have lived with a substandard road for several years now and we have tried numerous times to have it paved and I’m happy it’s happening on our current watch.” Kelly reiterated a warning to anyone traveling in the vicinity of South Catherine. “If you can, find a different way to get around this summer, but in the long run all that pain is going to be worth it.”

Even though the work will mostly affect the South side of town, Councilman Dale Dowdle says the entire city is going to benefit.. “This is a major thoroughfare through the city.” Dowdle tells WNBZ, “In fact one of our largest elementary schools is located on the south side of the city and people from almost half of the city use that to transport their children and over time there will be a big benefit once the work is complete.”

Kevin Farrington is Plattsburgh’s City Engineer.. He says they’ll be focused on management of the construction once it begins.. “We have a full time technical staff on site.” Farrington commented, “and there are over 200 pay items on the project, and everything the contractor wants to get paid for gets measured right down to the inch. It has to be put in properly according to specs, Alignment, grade and elevation are very important and those are inspected the whole way to make sure that we’re getting a quality product for the taxpayer’s money.”

“Throughout the construction, there’s going to be a paved side of South Catherine Street for southbound traffic only,” Commented Plattsburgh Mayor Jim Calnon, “There are several reasons for choosing the southbound route, one is so that emergency vehicles can get to the south end quickly. The very fist thing construction crews will do is cut right down the center of the road and they’re going to take up the asphault on the West side of the street..”  Calnon added that the road may be blocked from time to time but only for very short periods at a time..  and one thing The Mayor added is that once this work is complete, they don’t want to dig up South Catherine for a long time. “That’s why we’ve decided to build out all of the sewer laterals under the roadway, because there’s nothing we hate more than having to cut into a new road in a month or a year later. It’s an expensive and a difficult thing to deal with and the fact that we’re installing the laterals should help the road remain in good shape for a lot longer. It’s good for the City, and good for the residents on South Catherine.”

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