FAA Funding Comes Through for Plattsburgh and Lake Placid Airports

Congressman Owens announces two Federal Aviation Administration grants totaling $1,159,700 awarded for rehabilitation and upgrades to airports in Plattsburgh and Lake Placid.

In an Email to WNBZ, Congressman Owens says “These airports make travel easier and more convenient for local business leaders, residents and visitors,” “Investing in these facilities will help ensure their long-term viability and prevent disruptions that could be caused by more expensive and time-intensive repairs down the road.”

The first grant, totaling $950,000, was awarded to Clinton County to rehabilitate several taxiways at Plattsburgh International Airport. Existing pavement joints on the taxiways are in poor condition and require resealing to maintain the structural integrity of the pavement.

The second grant, totaling $209,700, funds an environmental assessment to evaluate issues related to a proposed off-airport obstruction removal project.

Jim Langley, Minority Leader of the Clinton County Legislature and chair of the Legislature’s Plattsburgh International Airport standing committee, also offered comment in response to the announcement. “The Federal Government by way of the FAA has come through again for Plattsburgh International Airport.” he said. “The unusually harsh winter this year accelerated the need for rehabilitation of taxi ways. We greatly appreciate these funds, which will help keep the airport operating efficiently and safely, and our Members of Congress, who work hard to support projects in the North Country.”

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