New “Speed Bumps” will Slow Traffic on Rugar Street

The CIty, in conjunction with SUNY Plattsburgh is beginning work to highlight pedestrian crossings on Rugar Street. SUNY police are continuously engaging in an education program to help students understand that there are safe ways to cross the street and sometimes the effort can become somewhat dangerous because drivers may not notice the crossing. With these new raised crossings, High School Students and College Students will be a little safer because the soft “Speed Bumps” are designed to highlight where the crossings are and make commuters more aware of pedestrians attempting to cross.

Traffic tables — or raised sidewalks — are about to be installed on Rugar Street. This traffic-calming measure is designed to increase both pedestrian and vehicle safety along the highly traveled part of the street that runs through the SUNY Plattsburgh campus. John W. Sheehan and Sons Inc. will begin the installation Monday, June 30th, 2014. The work is expected to run through July 17 and will affect traffic at various points in the process. In the meantime, drivers and pedestrians are asked to pay attention to signage and look for directions from flaggers.

Questions or concerns can be directed to SUNY Plattsburgh’s Facilities Office at 518-564-5016.


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