No More Funnel Cakes For Mayor’s Cup

If you’re a fan of funnel cakes, you may have to find them somewhere besides Trinity Park during The Mayor’s Cup.. that’s because the City just refunded Gramps $35 Vendor Fee because after applying for the permit Gramps decided they didn’t want to sell funnel cakes during Mayors Cup Weekend and backed out of the deal.. What’s this world coming to anyway when you can’t have funnel cakes at the Mayor’s Cup.. and who knows, that $35 fee could have gone a long way towards acquiring another 6 reems of paper for the clerks office, or perhaps it could have paid for a half hour with a psychiatrist to help the clerk deal with the sudden departure of funnel cakes from the list of vendors at Mayors Cup.. Needless to say, Mayor’s Cup Officials are seeking a replacement for the funnel cakes so if you’re a vendor thinking about getting involved, whether you sell funnel cakes or something else.. now is the time to call the Mayor’s Office.. Because at least one space just became available and if you’re not satisfied with the application process.. keep in mind the City Council will refund your money.. Come to think of it.. If you sell funnel cakes, they may just let you in for free..

Funnel Cake - SLIDE

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