Saranac River Trail Cleanup – June 9th, 2014

Organizers have picked a perfectly georgeous day to invite residents to get together to help with cleanup of the Saranac River Trail. Participants will meet at Pine Street and the Saranac Street Bridge from 9 am – noon to help with a cleanup of Saranac River Trail. In addition to the cleanup, get together with other Trail fans to find out about upcoming events on the Saranac River Trail.  Kevin Farrington, City Engineer, will talk about Phase II of the Trail. Other participants include Sunrise Rotary, Max Moore Memorial Treehouse, Algonquin Chapter – Adirondack Mountain Club, and PIB. At 11 AM, Mayor James E. Calnon and Donald H. Wickman director of the Kent Delord House will make trail-related announcements.

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