Washed Out Section of River Trail to Get Makeover

The City of Plattsburgh and Plattsburgh State University Administrators are joining forces to re-route and re-construct a portion of the Saranac River Trail that washed out behind the athletic fields on the SUNY campus..  SUNY had granted the original easement for the Multi Use Path in June of 2009 and following it’s construction, the path has seen a lot of use not only from students but also from residents making use of the trail for walking, biking, skiing and other such activities but this section by the fields washed out this spring and couldn’t be re-built properly without a joint effort from SUNY and from the City..  Essentially, SUNY Plattsburgh has authorized a revocable permit to extend the easement so that affected portion of the river trail can be re-built with stronger measures to protect the new path from the river below.. and City Engineer Kevin Farrington has drawn up plans that show the new pathway on a route a little further inland of the current location..  The Work should take most of July to complete..

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