A Vote of Support for First Weekends Committee in Plattsburgh

The First Weekends Committee gets a vote of support from the city of Plattsburgh and City Hall Place will close this weekend.. Twice.. Once for the Events on the Fourth of July and then again for the First Weekends Celebration on Saturday.. Plattsburgh Mayor Jim Calnon has expressed concern over closure of the road on a regular basis and caught up with the two co-chairs of First Weekends, Tim McCormic and Lea Simonete on Wednesday Evening and asked them about the concept of moving around in Downtown..

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The Fourth of July Parade lineup will be different, lineup starts at 12:30 at the WIlcox Docks and will eventually run down City Hall Place instead of Margaret. Judges will be judging the floats this year at City Hall and the parade will kick off at 2pm Friday afternoon.. and then Saturday, The First Weekends Committee is sponsoring another set of events downtown on Saturday and The City Council, while encouraging the committee to consider keeping the road open for future events is allowing the closure of the City Hall Place on Saturday for those events as well.. Paul Fuhrmeister is moved to Plattsburgh about a year ago and spoke to the city council about First Weekends.. “Downtown isn’t doing well, and that’s why I joined First Weekends.”

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During the Meeting Wednesday Night, The Mayor proposed a resolution supporting First Weekends but asking them to re-consider whether closing the road is absolutely necessary.. His assistant Beth Carlin Reads the Resolution And from there Mayor Calnon clarified that there have been several additional locations suggested in addition to those in the resolution.. Councilwoman Rachelle Armstrong proposed an amendment to the resolution to re-enforce the relationship with the First Weekends Committee…

The amendment to the resolution was approved unanimously and the resolution approved unanimously as well, supporting First Weekends and the efforts of the committee while at the same time looking for options other than closure of City Hall Place.. Mayor Calnon says he’s been working with the City’s new Community Development Officer Bruce Lawson to canvas downtown businesses discussing the needs of the area.. Calnon says it’s not a formal survey at this point, nor is there enough evidence to produce a report but they do want to begin to asses the overall needs of businesses in the area.. needless to say.. City Hall Place Closes for the Fourth of July parade and the rest of the Activities tomorrow and then closes again Saturday for July’s First Weekend event.. Following that The committee will begin to review options and locations and the discussion will continue with the city heading into their events in August..

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