ARISE Pleased with Court Ruling on ACR Project

The New York State Appellate Division, Third Judicial Department announced by a 5 -0 vote, that the Adirondack Park Agency permit pertaining to the Adirondack Club in Tupper Lake was issued in accordance with the law.

Following the announcement, ARISE Chairman Jim LaValley said, “we are pleased that the courts have upheld the Adirondack Park Agency permit. The vote supports what we have been saying all along, that the Adirondack Park Agency did a proper and thorough review. The ruling by the panel of judges continues to show that all procedures and review were done according to the APA Act and the Adirondack Club project does not rise to the level of having an undue adverse impact. This demonstrates the strong support for the Adirondack Club and the community of Tupper Lake.”

LaValley went on to say, “It’s my hope that the Plaintiffs involved with the Article 78 will accept the ruling and allow the community of Tupper Lake to move forward, without further frivolous action. The community, the ACR investors, and the region have shown that they want this project to move forward, and that it is the right project, at the right time. For the Plaintiffs of the Article 78 to act or state otherwise, would clearly demonstrate that their intentions are anything but honorable. It is important to allow the project to move forward, and to begin healing the wounds that have been created during this difficult process. The Adirondack Club investors and the community have shown their willingness to play by the rules, and now it’s time to move forward with what promises to be an exciting future for Tupper Lake, and the region.”

ARISE of Northern New York, Inc. is a New York 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. Members of ARISE include business people, elected officials, organizations, and individuals who support the need for a vibrant economy. Our members believe that there has been an overwhelming amount of resources spent to protect the natural environment of the Adirondacks, with very little interest and resources, for the fragile economy.

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