Canada Oil Train Disaster Sparks Local Protest

This weekend marked the one year anniversary of the runaway oil train derailment and explosion in the town of Lac Megantic Quebec..  For many who live near train tracks leading from Montreal to Albany, the transportation of crude oil along those rails is an issue that’s become more and more prevalent with every accident, whether in the United States or in Canada and several groups are gathered by the Saranac River on Saturday to protest these oil trains.. The protest was led by Molly Madison with the Center for Biological Diversity.. Will Cowan is a veteran who lives in the Lake Forest senior retirement community in Plattsburgh he spoke about the issue and says his apartment is about 150 feet from the tracks.. “If there’s an accident, We’re toast.” Plattsburgh Councilor Mike Kelly has been outspoken about the issue..  He spoke to the crowd of residents gathered for the protest and says he’s hoping to spark awareness in the community, at the state level and then begin to move for change at the Federal level.

AUDIO – 070714 – Protesters Oppose Transporting of Oil via Rail Car

After the speeches on Saturday, protestors made their way across the newly painted pedestrian Bride across the Saranac River right at the mouth of Lake Champlain.. The Tracks run through Councilwoman Armstrong’s Ward in Plattsburgh which is one of the reasons she, and Councilman Kelly in Ward Two, are taking the lead on this issue..

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