Canada Tops List for Share of Jobs Supported by U.S. Exports

A new report from  the Office of Trade and Economic Analysis, the International Trade Association and the Department of Commerce reiterates that Canada is a top buyer of American goods and services supporting Millions of U.S. Jobs..  According to the report issued Monday, Our trading partner to the North tops the list with an 18% share of jobs supported by U.S. goods exports by destination.  Mexico has 13%, followed by China at 8% and Japan at 4%..

Congressman Owens is encouraging Local development and  businesses leaders to take advantage of export relationships, especially with Canada and he’s called on the incoming House Majority Leader to support the Reauthorization of the Export Import Bank when it expires in September… The Bank, he says has provided loan guarantees to support over $30 Million in exports from northern New York over the past seven years, allowing local manufacturers to compete internationally, on a level playing field.. The Export Import Bank pays for itself, Owens Added in his letter, and has returned billions of dollars to the U.S. Treasury to pay down national debt.

 Click Here for the full ITA report on Export Jobs

In his note, Owens included a link to his article published in April supporting the Bank. Owens also wrote a letter, published in the Watertown Daily Times, outlining the benefits of the Ex-Im Bank and encouraging local businesses to learn about its services and how they can help small businesses increase exports. Rep. Owens has also called on the incoming House Majority Leader to support reauthorization of the Ex-Im Bank.

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