City Helps Catherine Gardens Move to Phase Two

Catherine Gardens is getting a boost from the City of Plattsburgh.. Maria Alexander is the executive Director of the Senior Citizen’s Council.. “We’re in phase two of the project and we’re putting 12 more units on our property and thanks to the bridge loan from the city, we’ll be able to do it sooner rather than later because we have secure funding from the state but it won’t be accessible until late next year.”

AUDIO – Catherine Gardens Gets Help from City Council

Jim Abdullah is the project engineer with Architectural and Engineering Design Associates.. he says the design is changing slightly from phase one…. “There are three new townhouse structures in the plans for this round.. two are single story housing designed to reach out to a different type of resident in the development. It’s affordable family housing reaching out to individuals in need in the city.” Plattsburgh Mayor Jim Calnon says when you get grant funding like the funding for Catherine Gardens, there’s a certain process that it takes for the money to be delivered.. “If you had to wait for the money there would be some real uncertainty but our loan,” Calnon says “helps them move forward without that uncertainty. It’s a funding stream which allows the project to get done in a timely manner which is good for everybody.|” The money comes from the city’s Housing and Urban Development revolving loan fund which is designed specifically for this type of investment. The fund itself can be used for low income housing.. It can also be used for business start ups. The Contractors expect to break ground on phase two of the Catherine Garden’s Project towards the end of August..

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