K&J – Joint Comprehensive Planning for Lake Placid / North Elba

The Village of Lake Placid and the Town of North Elba are moving forward on final approval of the North Elba Lake Placid Comprehensive Plan.. At a Joint Meeting recently, the Chairman of the Development Commission Dean Dietrich spoke with both boards about the changes and some of the wording modifications to help define how the document would affect both the Village and the Town Boards..

K&J – 070114 – LP – TONE Joint Comprehensive Planning Meeting

Dietrich says the Comprehensive Planning Document has been in the works for more than 4 years and as the work comes to a conclusion, the Comprehensive Planning Committee has become the Comprehensive Planning Commission, and in fact they’re already working on ideas in the overall plan..

One of the topics Dietrich brings up is the question of drainage into the local water supplies like Mirror Lake and Lake Placid and the fact that road salt plays a big part in the impact of the Lakes… and he continued by saying that filtration is one of the topics they’ve discussed as a possibility in the plan… Lake Placid Mayor Craig Randall says in addition to the Planning Commission’s work, there is ongoing work focused on re-vitalization of infrastructure and the relationship between grant funding and the Comprehensive Planning..

Mayor Randall added that the problem is that they have to be doing the planning now, to be prepared for whenever the state decides to move on some of their projects, especially for Main Street in Lake Placid.. and having a focus on work like this in a comprehensive plan will in fact assist the municipalities when they’re applying for grants and looking for funds to help offset the huge costs involved in repair.. Dietrich added there’s no doubt that there will be a relationship between the two boards and the development commission.. Especially when a new project comes up, or a new and the boards feel they need input from the community..

North Elba Supervisor Robi Politi says he doesn’t believe the board will have any problem with approving what the committee has done from an investigatory standpoint – with the goal of “Looking into” each and every one of the committee level recommendations.

Dietrich added that perhaps one of next steps should be to form one of thes ad hoc committees.. Politi added though, that dissolution or having just one municipal board is most likely not going to happen..

On rental housing, Dietrich says there is another opportunity for the commission to investigate the question of requiring some basic limits and how this might take shape and during the discussion, he mentioned Rochester as an example of a municipality which has developed a set of rules that seem to be effective..

During the meeting, Dietrich was joined by several other residents who have also served on the Comprehensive Planning committee and have taken responsibility for specific roles in the life of the document..

The Village Board will most likely approve the Comprehensive Plan at their meeting on July 14th and the Town of North Elba will review their options at their Meeting on July 8th which by the way is going to be held in the North Elba Town House in Saranac Lake..

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