Lapan Sewer Project to Repair “Eminent Failure”

The Village of Saranac Lake has taken emergency action to repair a section of sewer pipe that if it were to fail, could affect more than 30% of the residents of the village who live on Kiwassa Road and South of the Lapan Highway.. The project is in response to several sections of this sewer which are essentially failing.. If you think about what happens to the cardboard center of a roll of paper towels when you put the slightest pressure on it.. it flattens right out and then compare that to an 80 year old sewer line  that is 30 feet down with all of that dirt pressing down on it day to day, it’s no wonder it hasn’t already failed..

AUDIO – 072314 – Saranac Lake’s Emergency Lapan Sewer Project

The cost for the project will come to about $785,000 and so far Jim Dugan of AES Northeast says there are two different funding sources… one of which will provide longer term financing for the project.

072314 - Lapan Sewer Project 01

Click here for a pdf detailing the Lapan Sewer Reconstruction Project

The contractor will begin work at the Dorsey Street connection to this line.. and work their way up from there under the Lapan Highway where the danger of failure is the greatest, to the Kiwasa connection at the high point just above the Village’s Police Station.. and Dugan says standard procedure is to actually start at the low point and go up from there..  There is actually a section behind the police station that is about 17 feet deep.. and there is another section that is a little further under the ground, near the bridge.. and Dugan says while they’re in there doing the replacement work, they’ve also developed a plan to re-grade some of the sections so there is a more consistent downhill flow from Kiwassa to the Dorsey Street Connection and then to the newly installed connector on Broadway..  If all goes well, there shouldn’t be any major interruptions in service or backups during the construction and the work if winter allows could be completed by December..  A public information session is being held Wednesday Evening at 5:30pm in the Village Office at the Town Hall in Saranac Lake for residents interested in learning more about the project

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