Margaret Street adds Re-Paving to it’s “Diet”

The City Council held a special meeting on Thursday Night to formalize an addition to what City Engineer Kevin Farrington refers to as the Margaret Street Diet near Georgia Pacific..  In the next month or so, Margaret Street from just before McDonalds to Georgia Pacific will become a two lane road with a center turning lane. In order to accomplish this, Farrington says, they’ve made use of the CHIPS Money to add re-pavement of the road surface to the mix.. “This project fits the CHIPS requirements perfectly and will allow us to extend the life of the pavement by another 15 years by only spending $10 per yard,” Kevin Says, “rather than $200 per yard.”

AUDIO – 072514 – Margaret Street Paving Work Order

By doing that now, Farrington says, the city will be able to extend the useful life of the pavement by about 15 years.. whereas if they wait too long, the road surface would become a candidate for the more expensive full reconstruction..  One other reason for adding pavement to the project is specifically for safety.. “If we just mill the road in front of Georgia Pacific, there could be some confusion as to the overal purpose and people may not be as aware of the new striping, but with new pavement, the striping will stick out even more and clearly define the new traffic patterns.”

One of the questions brought by a resident in the area during Thursday’s meeting was specific to getting out of driveways into the new flow of traffic..  Farrington says that’s exactly why they did the study, to examine whether or not a change in the traffic pattern would have a detrimental affect on driveways and other entrances onto the road. “With the traffic lights, you get this phenomenon called ‘Platooning’ such that when the light turns red there is a gap to allow side traffic to get out onto the street.. Generally there are gaps from green light to red light in order for people to get out into traffic.”

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