Mayor’s Cup 2014 – Mayor Calnon’s Boat Wins Mayor’s Cup

The Battle between Plattsburgh’s Mayor Jim Calnon and Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger during berger is heating up on the water today during the Mayor’s Cup.. Each has chosen their respective boat, one from Burlington and one from Plattsburgh.. about halfway through the race, Plattsburgh was ahead by a boat length.. It could be close at the finish! Check back for results and more, plus we’ll wrap up the event during the Morning News on Monday Morning with commentary from Lake Champlain..  We’ll also talk to Mayor Jim Calnon about the Mayor’s Challenge.. If Plattsburgh wins, Mayor Weinberger will come to Plattsburgh’s Polar Plunge and if Burlington’s representative wins, Mayor Calnon will attend Burlington’s Winter event.

Mayor's Cup - Mayor's Challenge Boats


More Pictures to come as well.. Later this afternoon..

"Odin" is the boat racing for Plattsburgh Mayor Jim Calnon..

“Odin” is the boat racing for Plattsburgh Mayor Jim Calnon.. Ed Trombley and the crew of Odin win their class, and the overall Mayor’s Cup.

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