Rotary Supports Mercy Care Programs

Lake Placid, NY  07/01/14 — Mercy Care for the Adirondacks received a $250 donation from Lake Placid Rotary to help support Mercy Care’s Friendship Volunteer, Volunteer Parish Nurse, and Community Empowerment Programs.

Mercy Care is developing a new social model of extending mercy to elders living in their communities to relieve their isolation and loneliness and serving as a catalyst and facilitator of systemic change to empower older adults to age in place more successfully. Mercy Care implements its mission with direct service to elders through its Friendship Volunteer and Volunteer Parish Nurse Programs, its Aging in Place and Caregiving Community Empowerment Task Forces, and through education and advocacy.

Paul Reiss, President of the Mercy Care Board remarked, “All of our funding comes from charitable contributions and grants. The Board of Directors is most grateful to the Lake Placid Rotary for recognizing the growing needs of elders in our community. For example since July 1, 2013 Mercy Care volunteers have provided 1484 rides to elders compared to 1335 rides for the same period last year. Mercy Care volunteers have donated 3880 hours of volunteer service to their elder neighbors valued at $87,494 for the period July 1, 2013 p April 30, 2014.”

Mercy Care has a small staff of only three people but its efforts are leveraged many times over with more than 90 Friendship Volunteers and 13 Volunteer Parish Nurses extending friendship, health education, referral, and other assistance, such as transportation, to elders in the Tri-Lakes region of the Adirondacks. Mercy Care is currently assisting 104 elders in Tri-Lakes communities.

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