Some New Colors for Downtown Saranac Lake

With the Completion of The Broadway Construction Project, several groups have come together to help Downtown Saranac Lake become a little more colorful. That’s because Twelve double-sided banners featuring photographs of the work of 24 local artists are now hanging along Church Street, Main Street and upper Broadway.

The first year test project was initiated and funded by which collaborated with the Community Development Office and the Mayor in the Village of Saranac Lake and Saranac Lake Art Works. ADK Action says they hope to increase the number of banners in subsequent years..

Airlie Lennon is chair of She says they got the idea from a visiting architect Roger Brown who was lecturing on American Villages last year.. The concept is modeled after a similar program in Easton, Maryland. “We were a bit rushed getting the program going this year, and hope with more planning time for next year that the banners can be located on Main Street near all the galleries,” she said.

Mark Kurtz of Mark Kurtz Photography volunteered to photograph original works of art, format them with graphics for the banners and get them printed. Saranac Lake Community Development Director Jeremy Evans worked to secure permission for hanging the banners and asked the village public works department to hang them.

Others who helped were board member Betsy Minehan, artist and Art Works member Sandra Hildreth and executive director Alice Vera.

The arts are represented by painters, photographers, ceramicists, sculptors, printmakers, quilters and potters. The 24 artists represented are: Jackie Altman, Meg Bernstein, Nancy Brossard, Maria DeAngelo, Tim Fortune, Beth Gallagher, Phil Gallos, Shawn Halperin, Sandy Hildreth, Mark Kurtz, Rachel Lamb, Suzanne Lebeda, Diane Leifheit, Cat Micheels, Valerie Patterson, Matt Paul, Mary Lou Reid, Peter Seward, Peter Shrope, Eleanor Sweeney, Alice Vera, Carol Vossler, Cris Winters and David Woodward.

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