Clinton County on the “Way to Wellville”

Clinton County has been selected as one of 10 finalists in a national Way to Wellville Contest. A look at The contest is sponsored by the group HICCup and they’re in town today for a special visit to the area..

HICCup is a nonprofit founded by angel investor Esther Dyson to encourage a rethinking of how we produce health. The Way to Wellville will reward teams that show the world how collective investment and action can return healthy dividends for communities – and their investors.

The group will be at the Clinton County Government Center from 10 to 10:45 this morning and are hoping to choose five finalists in the Way to Wellville competition who will compete over five years for the greatest improvement in five measures of health and economic vitality. Winning counties get support from HICCup along with a network of partners in the areas of health data measurement, consumer and community based health solutions and innovative health financing strategies. The finalists will be named this month.

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