K&J – 500 Acres of Bison.. In Vermontville

Beth, Erika and Ron Edgley in the hay barn next to the corral at their farm

Beth, Erika and Ron Edgley in the hay barn next to the corral at their farm

If you’re looking for a home where the Buffalo Roam, You may want to head to Vermontville because there are a growing number of Buffalo Roaming wild on the Norman Ridge Road at the Edgley Farm… Which is where we found ourselves on Monday during a visit by Congressman Bill Owens with owners Ron and Beth Edgley…

The Edgley Farm spreads out on both sides of the Norman Ridge Road and our conversation began with Beth and her daughter Erika walking down the long driveway to their home which is situated in one corner of the property..

The transition, as you’ll hear from Ron Edgley, is not something that happens overnight.. Ron tells the story to Congressman Owens and was kind enough to let us listen in… Later we leave the relative comfort of the Edgley living room and head out on the trek from the house to the barns and the corral where luckily for us, the Bison are all gathered in one spot.. The driveway heads straight out to the Norman Ridge Road and then it’s a right turn and another football field or so to our destination which, in this case has become part of the landscape of the property..  Erika Edgley is one of three daughters and we took the opportunity during the walk to find out more about the farm and it’s history.. The rest of the contingent including Congressman Owens, and Ron and Beth Edgley had driven so they were already on the corral… and Ron was telling the Congressman about how the process works to get the animals where they need to be..

K&J – 102913 – Congressman Bill Owens visits Edgley Farm in Vermontville – Where the Buffalo Roam

Breathtaking is a good word for the view – while we were there it was a bit overcast so we had to imagine what it would look like.. but it’s clear why the Edgley’s want to keep the farm in one piece and have been looking to find a new way for the property to generate income..

BISON 02 - Erika

Erika Edgley looks out over the corral at the farm.

The Farm Bill is set to come up in the House, which is one of the reason’s congressman Owens was visiting with the Edgley’s and we’ll get back to that in a minute but first we had a few unanswered questions about Bison and so we bought a few burgers before we left.. The Mission, with the help of the family, to contrast and Compare Buffalo and Beef.. 

Actually, it’s important not to overcook Bison because it contains quite a lot less fat.. in fact in a 3.5 ounce patti Bison has 2.42 grams of fat, while choice beef contains 18.54 grams of fat.. interestingly, a Sockeye Salmon has almost 11 grams of fat..  One other notable… that same patti of beef has 283 calories while the same size patty of Bison… only 143 calories..  Ok so back to the experiment.. Our son Kippy had a few thoughts on the differences..

It’s true, though, there’s definitely a difference in the products and the Bison, although a bit more expensive.. definitely gets the health and wellness advantage over the regular beef, not to mention the fact that it’s grown locally, right here in the Adirondacks..  Which brings us back to the farm bill… Congressman Owens tells us there are still some questions as to how the farm bill will play out in the house..

Congressman Bill Owens speaks with WNBZ and Channel 5 at the Edgley Farm

Congressman Bill Owens speaks with WNBZ and Channel 5 at the Edgley Farm

The Edgley Bison is available locally at several markets including Noris in Saranac Lake and Green Goddess in Lake Placid plus if you prefer a chef prepared cut, It’s available at Generations in Lake Placid and Eat and Meet in Saranac Lake  The Edgley’s also sell individual steaks from their farm… If you would like to pick up a few cuts of Bison, Beth says they don’t have a tremendous supply at the moment, but please feel free to give them a call to find out where the closest location might be.. Their phone number is 354-8448.. And we’ve posted it online at WNBZ.com… 


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