K&J – SUNY Students Highlight Ted K. Community Center

The Music you’re hearing in the background of this K&J show is from a special video made by Students at Plattsburgh State University about the Ted K Center – A center for youth which provides educational, social and recreational services to youth and families residing in the Plattsburgh Housing Authority Developments…  Five of these Students presented their campaign to the Plattsburgh City Council.. Which is where our Look at the Ted K. Center Begins.

Ted Kowalczyk was the Educational Coordinator at the John Collins Center for over 30 years before it was named in his honor following his retirement in 2004.. His innovative work style and commitment to developing the individual talents of youth made it possible for the Center to provide an array of unique services and programs. Instead of trying to fit youth into existing programming, he creatively developed resources to meet the individual needs of youth.. Today, the center’s education programming is run by Tom Neil.. We spoke with Tom this past weekend about the center..

K&J – 031814 – The Ted K Center at the Plattsburgh Housing Authority

Current programs at the Ted K Center include an Early Childhood After-School and Summer program. The Center also has a state of the art computer lab which is networked and connected to the internet, an art department, a playground and an outdoor play area along with a community garden. The Center’s staff provides daily activities focused on the core areas of creativity, physical fitness, homework completion, computer learning, nutrition education and general recreation.

031814 - Ted Kid

And as for the promotional campaign presented by Students at SUNY Plattsburgh..  Recently, the center has been featured in the Press Republican as well as on Mountain Lake PBS.. and now here in the K&J show on WNBZ… We’ve posted a few samples of the posters the students created online at WNBZ.com…  It’s the K&J show.. I’m Ted Morgan.. We’ll be right back stay with us..

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