More Funding for the Adirondack Regional Airport

Congressman Bill Owens announced $632,610 in grants awarded to the Adirondack Regional Airport from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The funds will be used to expand the aircraft rescue and firefighting building and the snow removal equipment building.

“Local airports like this one are critical for the economy, supporting the continued growth of  tourism and commerce in our region,” said Owens. “Ensuring that pilots, passengers and staff can use this facility safely has to be one of our highest priorities. This funding will ensure that essential safety measures can be taken in the event of an emergency at the airfield.”

Corey Hurwitch, the Airport Manager of the Adirondack Regional Airport, commented that the upgrades are especially important for managing the facility in cold winter months. “With the temperatures we get up here, especially this winter, many mornings we have to spend a lot of time just getting our equipment started. Moving the safety and snow removal equipment inside keeps it lasting longer and makes it easier to maintain.”

Hurwitch added that maintaining and upgrading the airport facilities can have a ripple effect in the region. “This has a big impact on tourism and second home owners who fly through here. Especially during the summer we see heavy traffic from people coming up to camp at Long Lake, Raquet Lake, coming in for the Iron Man competition and the big Can-Am rugby tournament. This helps us maintain our infrastructure and provide the services our customers rely on.”

The Adirondack Regional Airport is a public airport that spans 1,499 acres and maintains 6,573 feet of asphalt runway.

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