Plans for a Dog Park at Cliff Haven Recreational Park

If Plattsburgh’s Recreation Department is successful, Cliff Haven Recreational Park will have a specially designed park for dogs, big and small…  Plattsburgh Councilman Michael Cashman is participating in a meeting at the Cliff Haven Park building on August 13th..  WNBZ caught up with him at the Town Offices and I asked him to give us a feel for their goals..

AUDIO – 080514 – Councilman Michael Cashman Discusses Cliff Haven Dog Park

 “It’s been on the shelf for a while, but when I came on board I really wanted to go back and take a look at it and see how we could move this project forward.” Cashman told us in an interview. “The Town of Plattsburgh has several parks and lots of individuals throughout the town don’t necessarily have fenced in yards for example. One area in particular, Clif Haven, for example, is where we’ve identified the need for a park and many of the residents have expressed an interest in having that type of amenity.”

Cashman is working with the board, and community members to provide that service in the Cliff Haven recreational park and the footprint of the dog park will be in a field off to the right of the building there. The park will have two different sections, one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs.

“We’re continuing this process by trying to engage the taxpayers,” Cashman added, “The Dog Park give a lot of people in Cliff Haven a place to bring their dogs in a safe environment. And during this meeting, we want to bring a group of active citizens together. We want to learn about their thoughts and opinions and we want to listen to their thoughts and ideas and then take it from there.”

Cashman says each of the parks has a funding source and the Cliff Haven Park has some available funding to work on this project, and he Recreation Committee has been looking for the participation of local residents to help raise the final amounts of money it will take to get the project off the ground. Cashman tells us most of the funding is already available but they need a few thousand dollars.

There is also an opportunity for a pet friendly public, private partnership and Councilman Cashman tells us he would like to see a contest to also have residents participate in to name the dog park as well.

“We Don’t want this project to be something that the town is leading on it’s own, in  a vacuum, but rather we want citizens to be engaged in the process so it becomes a park that they’re proud of and becomes a well used resource.”

A Public Meeting to discuss the concept further is scheduled for 6pm This Wednesday, August 13th.. at the Cliff Haven Park Building..  16 Cliff Haven Park Road.

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