Town of North Elba vs Grimditch Estate Heads to Florida

You know those boathouses on Lake Placid that the Grimdich family built and the Town said would have to come down.. They’re still being used by tenants of the property which has been rented most of the summer and that….  If what the neighbors says is happening…. Is just going to add to the overall cost of the final settlement..   The town of North Elba has retained legal counsel in Florida to secure their rights to a claim.. Under Florida Law, when someone has a claim against an estate, and there’s an objection to the claim.. the claimant.. (The Town in this case) must then commence an action to preserve their claim..  Town Attorney Ron Briggs explains.. “In our lawsuit against the boathouses, we were seeking to recover from the Grimditches our counsel fees, costs, expenses and fines which could be significant in the case. That is a pending claim against Mr. Grimditch who past away and retaining an attorney in Florida will allow the town to preserve their claim which is now against the estate of Mr Grimditch.”

AUDIO – 081414 – North Elba Files Claims in Florida on Grimdich Boathouse

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