What Does School Really Look Like in the Summer?

There’s an interesting perspective that we gain from being in places like a school building, in a section where there is no activity except for the annual “Spring Cleaning” ritual which has become routine for the maintenance staff at Petrova School in Saranac Lake..  The Saranac Lake Central School Board meets regularly in the library at Petrova and in order to get to the library in the evenings, the staff unlocks the downstairs entrance. Usually all of the doors are locked and there is no access to the building without permission but in this case, the meeting is a public meeting and the downstairs entrance is unlocked.080714 - School Pic 04

During the month of August, the maintenance staff is going through their list, polishing floors, cleaning desks, and generally re-organizing each classroom.. On this occasion, everything from each classroom they were working on was moved into the hallway so they could accomplish their goals..  Luckily, there’s no one normally in the building in August, except for them, so the fire codes most likely don’t apply.

080714 - School Pic 03

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