Woolf Agrees to Three Debates with Stefanik

PLATTSBURGH, NY—The Aaron Woolf for Congress campaign announced that it has agreed to three televised debates that will ensure every resident the opportunity to watch at least one debate. They will be hosted by Time Warner Cable News, WPTZ, and WNNY in the month of October. Exact details must still be discussed.

During these debates, the campaign looks forward to seeing if Elise Stefanik will finally let voters know whether she supports Paul Ryan’s plan to privatize Medicare; whether she has a concrete plan or proposal to raise the federal minimum wage; and whether she will end tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires who pay a lower tax rate than middle class families as well as close corporate tax loopholes for companies that earn billions.

Woolf is a small business owner and documentary filmmaker who first came to Elizabethtown 45 years ago. He has spent his professional career telling the real-life stories of people and the effects of government policies on their lives. In Congress, he will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare so that our region’s citizens can have a safe and secure retirement. He’ll also work to ensure our local businesses are given the tools they need to remain competitive and create jobs.

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