Chores are Sexy?

91% of single people say staying on top of your chores is attractive.  64% would rather see a profile pic of you cooking than working out.

  A new survey for spring cleaning season looked at various chores and run-of-the-mill things we apparently find ATTRACTIVE now.

Single people between 18 and 45 were polled.  Here are five unexpected activities you might want to add to your profile pics . . .

1.  Staying on top of chores.  91% find it attractive.

2.  Knowing how to do laundry and doing it regularly, 82%.

3.  Doing the dishes, 81%. 

4.  Being well-rounded in general.  91% want to see photos that show you are.

5.  Cooking.  64% would rather see a profile pic of you in the kitchen than one of you in the gym.



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