Everyone PANIC! Facebook and Instagram are down!

Tuesday morning at about 10:30, I was attempting to get into my Facebook... and it kept booting me out.  Did I break something?  That's not outside of the realm of possibilities.  Well, we were all in the SNAFU together... everything went topsy turvy for everyone!

Check out this story from WCAX.  I'm sure they'll update it as the story develops.  


That made me think of The Strongbad Emails.  Back in high school, we would wait for a new one every Wednesday.  It was a whole thing.  One of the many running jokes was that he used the old beige computers, and they would be riddled with issues... or just explode.  Check 'em out!  (Thankfully, YouTube isn't down so I can attach these for you...)

Email 33 - Gimmicks


Email 118 - Virus

Email 201 - Hremail3184

There's a sampling of Strongbad's computers exploding.  But there's one more email that's fitting... 

Email 45 - Techno

He's breaking down, and probably even mocking techno music... but... as for today... THE SYSTEM IS DOWN!

Thankfully, though, we're up and running just fine... 

Thanks for being the best part of NBZ-FM, we're glad you're here!


Homestar Runner making sure Strongbad's computer is well hydrated.

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