Get the NBZ-FM Alexa Skill

Your Smart Speaker... Smarter!

At long last, 106.3 NBZ-FM has it's own Alexa Skill!  You needn't suffer through a minute of advertisements from a streaming aggregator any longer!  

How to Enable the NBZ-FM Skill

There are a couple ways you can enable the NBZ-FM Skill.  

1) With your voice.  

  • Simply say "Alexa, enable 106.3 NBZ-FM Skill"  to your Amazon Echo Device.

2) With your Amazon Account.  

How to Play NBZ-FM with the Skill

Say "Alexa, play 106.3 NBZ-FM" to your device.  It should respond with "Playing 106.3 NBZ-FM" and our live stream should immediately start.  

What's So Special About The NBZ-FM Skill?

Here's what it can do now, with some additional goodies potentially in store for the future.

What if something else starts playing?

We've noticed that, under some circumstances, a sports station begins playing.  If you find that to be the case, you may find it helpful to tell your Alexa to "Play N - B - ZED - F - M."  So, say ZED instead of ZEE like every other English speaking country in the world.  

What if TuneIn Radio Launches?

If you say "WNBZ" or "WNBZ-FM" it may launch a skill that's not the one we've built.  We will address that as soon as we are permitted to. You'll need to tell your Alexa to "Play 106.3 NBZ-FM." 

My Alexa has a screen.  Where's the artist and title information?

Ask your Alexa what song is playing, and it'll let you know by speaking it back to you.  The NBZ-FM Web Player has the artist and title information in text form, by the way.  You can also look back at the past week of music we've played, too.  

Need Help?

If you're having trouble, let us know.  We'll do our level best to help you out.  

This page was updated July 12, 2024 with new information.  The previous NBZ-FM Skill was depreciated, and replaced with a different Skill with a new invocation name.

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