Traffic Jams? Crappier cell service? Total Eclipse? Oh, my!

I'm a poor planner, thankfully those in uniform are, and they're planning for anything and everything related to the Eclipse on April 8th.  How many people are expected to arrive here?  

“It could be tens of thousands of people, we have no idea,” said Troop B Commander Major Brent Davison.

Certainly, there's no way to tell for sure how many people are making the trek to observe the "path of totality" as it were.  Should we start making bets?  Either way... back on topic... The Division of State Police are certainly preparing for the influx of travelers;

... they will double the number of troopers on duty. “They are going to be assigned to strike teams and they are going to be strategically placed.”

Davison says that includes air, land, and water support. Troopers will be carrying meal kits and water for people that may be stranded or stuck in traffic for hours following the celestial event. He says gridlock that could paralyze I-87 is on of their greatest concerns. “If anything happens on any of those roads, it could back up things for hours,” he said.

One thing that hadn't crossed my mind... cell service.  What's going to happen when the unknown numbers of people make their way here to eyeball the eclipse, hopefully wearing the protective goggles?  Well...

... in an area with already spotty cell service and no plans to bring in backup mobile towers, that could spell trouble. “We asked for those and they didn’t forsee us to need those in our troop area, so there are other places in New York state, in Western New York, they are concerned with.”

So, which potentially limited cell service, just how will we send memes to each other?  Yes, I'm serious!  Memes!  But, back on topic here... 

Davison recommends that all visitors fuel up ahead of time and plan to arrive early and leave late. He also says to avoid hiking trails, most of which are closed for mud season.

Sage advice, indeed from Commander Davidson.  

Full article from WCAX-TV

Map of Eclipse, with video, from WCAX-TV

Map of Eclipse. Credit: NASA

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