Jen Dodge

Meet Jen Dodge!

Jen Dodge, otherwise known as the Merchant of Memes, hails from Massachusetts and is a lifelong fan of the Red Sox. She taught teenagers for 13 years, and then made the switch to working with small children for the past 10. When she isn’t warping young minds and introducing them to the classic rock that every human being should hear at least once in their lives, she drives around the country and visits roadside attractions. If you have heard of a “World’s biggest…” or “World’s smallest…” item, odds are that Jen has taken a selfie with it. Jen also makes musical treks for concerts and events, and has been to Liverpool, England and befriended some of The Beatles’ acquaintances. Jen is obsessed with Paul McCartney and has seen him in concert enough times to potentially warrant a restraining order. If you meet Jen, she will show you her tattoo of Paul’s signature on her arm from when she met him in Toronto, Ontario.

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