About Woodhouse

Woodhouse has been exposed to a LOT of radiation from radio stations. The WNBZ Staff Physician estimates nearly two decades of moderate-to-heavy RF exposure, which started when he lived down the road from a radio station’s tower as an infant. This may explain, not only his passion for radio, but also a host of his rather peculiar behaviors. 

Beginning in High School, Woodhouse operated a network of pirate radio stations with a couple of his buddies. Eventually, mainly out of necessity because bills needed to be paid, he “went legit” in the Summer of 2014, and was lured into the WNBZ studios in Summer 2023 with the promise of an official station t-shirt and leftover pizza from the day before. (When you work in radio, that’s currency!)

Because the connection between his mouth and brain is either barely there or nonexistent, there’s no telling what he will say next. His saving grace, though, is he’s all about bringing a good time to your radio. He’s entertaining, genuine, and tries his level best to be funny. Yes... he tries. 

When not working, you’ll find Woodhouse spewing off random bits of extremely useless knowledge, and building things in his workshop. Constant adult supervision is also required with him… especially regarding the use of power tools because of several incidents involving a table saw, a staple gun, and a… blowtorch?!

The Worst of...

You can catch some of "The Worst of Woodhouse" and listen to entire Wake Up with Woodhouse shows whenever, and wherever, you'd like with NBZ-FM On Demand!  Click here to launch the NBZ-FM Player

Wake Up with Woodhouse

Every weekday morning from 5:00 AM, Woodhouse lets you know what's up, and what's going down in the Champlain Valley, the North Country, and everywhere else!  You'll hear him highlighting the stupidity of others because it takes the heat off of him!  What else is in store?

Craig McGregor

He's from the NBZ-FM Legal Team, and was put in place specifically to keep an eye on Woodhouse.  The end result is often disastrous.  Fun fact, Craig is deathly afraid of cats and has been known to "bravely" do what some would call "shelter in place" in the nearest bathroom when Woodhouse has brought a cat to work.  True story.

Menthol Meredith

Well, she reeks of cheap lung darts, and even cheaper (and probably stolen) perfume.  Meredith's past is extremely questionable, at best... as are the topics she delves into on your new favorite morning show!

The Morning Show Players

These people are more talented than Woodhouse ever dreamed of being, responsible for such things as Dad Joke Theatre, Morning Shower Thoughts, song parodies, and so much more.  

Question: Nearly Impossible

Listen in at about 6:50 AM for the day's Question: Nearly Impossible with Nelson's Flower Shop, and the answer will be revealed around 7:50 AM!   

Have a guess at the Question: Nearly Impossible and be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Nelson's Flower Shop!  Click here for details!

Nelson's Flower Shop, see our colors... love our style!

Recent answers to Question:  Nearly Impossible

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Contact Woodhouse

Wake Up with Woodhouse Hotline:  Call/SMS (518) 564-0100 



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